Upcoming talks: Physical Review Journal Club and Microscale Ocean Biophysics Seminar Series

Talks are like buses – they always come in pairs! This month I’m delighted to have been invited to speak at the Physical Review Journal Club about our recent paper on modal analysis of active turbulence on March 27th, then the following day I’ll be speaking as part of the Microscale Ocean Biophysics Seminar Series on a separate project studying the effect virus infection of cyanobacteria has on the surrounding microbial community.

Both seminars will be online/recorded, and can be found here:

Physical Review Journal Club: March 27th, 11:30 EDT

Dynamic mode structure of active turbulence

Registration/Event page , Recording

Microscale Ocean Biophysics Seminar Series: March 28th, 17:00 CEST

Swimming in a sea of viruses: elucidating the role of infected microbes on bacterial chemotaxis

Website, contact mailing list for Zoom link, YouTube Channel

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